My Dating Course Cuts Out The Bullshit. Backed By Scientific Research, Hard Won Life Experience, And A Little Common Sense. No Nonsense. Just Real Results.

You Don’t Have To Be "Amazing" To Have A Great Dating Life. But There Is One Mistake That You Cannot Make.


A FEW WEEKS AGO, I was working with a guy who always ended up chasing and losing every woman he dated. He felt like a loser. 

So he tried learning sleazy “techniques” and ended up worse off than he started.

Before that, I was working with a guy who felt he didn’t know how to flirt. He couldn’t “do that thing” other guys could do, and was always “just a friend.” 

So he obsessed so much over being funny that he could never get out of his head.

My first client ever was a guy who felt that he was fundamentally unattractive. And, if he didn’t like himself - why would anyone else? 

So he gave up and said he didn’t give a damn about women. Or at least, he pretended he didn’t.

Each guy had one thing in common. The same thing everyone, man or woman, has in common when they struggle with dating.

They say it’s hard. They say it’s rigged against them. They say online dating/hookup culture/advertising has made people shallow.

Y’know, the usual stuff.

The truth though is a little different.

Whether we struggle to handle our neediness, express our sexuality, or just be attractive - the truth is that we’re the only one getting in our way.

'... After just a few hours I had a clear idea of what changes I needed to make and had a road-map of tasks and goals to do so. Through acting on what Visko helped me discover, my life is steadily improving.' – Jeff – 27 – New York


‘... Visko helped me realise things I didn’t know I wanted or the reasons behind why I wanted something... Now it’s up to me to make what I want a reality.' - Elliot – 25 – London

Our Mistake In Dating Is Actually A Mistake We’re Making With Ourselves

Dating advice sucks. 

We think "I don’t need dating advice", or we don’t want people to know we read it, or we think it’s gross and creepy and manipulative. 

But in truth, it just gets a bad wrap. Good dating advice starts with a simple premise:

Dating is just a process of meeting women and genuinely connecting with them emotionally and sexually. And the only barriers to that are the ones you’re imposing upon yourself.

This means three things:

Firstly, figuring out the ways in which you are an obstacle to yourself is better dating advice than ANY technique. 

Second, Fixing these things not only improves your ability to date, but also meet the right women, have a great sex life, and have rewarding relationships.

But third, and most important, there are little to no techniques to learn in order to do fix these things. It is an emotional process that is unique to you.

One that embraces your values, boundaries, interests, sexuality, and independence.

In other words, good dating advice isn’t about manipulating women. It’s about fixing you.

You’re Much (Much) Closer To Having A Great Dating Life Than You Think

I get it. 

Having a dating life that’s even moderately functional can sometimes seem impossible.

You look in the mirror, and all you see is someone that nobody would want to go out with. Or, whenever someone does come along, you start acting bizarre and screw it up.

Self-doubt. Anxiety. Generally feeling like you suck.

This makes you feel miles away from ever handling this part of your life.

So maybe you start chasing an idea of "a player". Or maybe you give up.

The reality though is a little different. You don’t have to chase an idea, and you’re actually a lot closer than you think.

Let me explain:

1) You don’t have to be rich, famous, or a male model. You just have to be above average. 

Women’s standards aren’t as high as you think they are. They aren’t looking for a Mr. Confident, Rich, Playboy, with chiseled features and washboard abs. 

They just want a guy who’s not a pushover, has his life together, takes care of himself, and is nice to cuddle and eat ice cream with.

No matter how crappy you feel about your life now. No matter how much of loser you feel now. No matter how far from attractive you feel now. NONE of that is hard to achieve. Especially the ice cream part.

2) You don’t have to be incredibly charismatic, sexually confident, or “not give a fuck”. You just have to be doing a few basic things right. 

No guy I know who has a great dating life is James Bond. They aren’t smooth, they don’t handle conversation perfectly, and they don’t like it when they get rejected. Unsurprisingly, they’re human - with all the flaws and imperfections.

But if they aren’t the super confident myth of a player, how do they have a great dating life?

Simple. They interact with a lot of women. They connect with a lot of women. And they ask them out or make a move.

That’s it.

They already have point 1) down. They take care of themselves and are (probably) nice to eat ice cream with. 

Then all they do is they live in a way that stacks the odds of meeting women who like them in their favor.

And guess what, this isn’t hard to do either.

3) The women you attract are a reflection of yourself. So become a reflection of the kinds of women you want to date.

One of (if not the) most important thing in your dating life is who you are. 

And I don’t mean ‘are you attractive?’ I mean - who are you? 

Because who you are determines what kind of women you will meet and have relationships with.

If you prioritize attention from women over what’s important to you and what you won’t tolerate - you will only ever meet women who treat you like shit. 

If you play games with women when you feel vulnerable, you will attract women who play games with you when they feel the same. 

(Guess how that’ll make you both feel?)

If you act in a fake way to impress women, you will attract women who feel like they need to be entertained and are attracted to a version of you that isn’t really you.

(Guess how that'll make you feel?)

But if you’re emotionally honest, you won’t tolerate (or will scare away) women who aren’t.

And that’s a good thing. 

Understanding who you are and respecting that above your need for emotional validation from attention or sex is the best way to increase the quality of your relationships with women.

It’s about learning to reject every single one who is wrong for you so that all you’re left with are the ones who are right.

Do You Really Have To Change Who You Are?

Getting good at these three things is just a process of learning to get out of your own way. 

This isn’t rocket science. 

It’s just a step by step process of unleashing what you already know how to do.

Remember that guy I was working with who chased women away? He now goes on dates and decides if he actually likes them. 

Remember that guy I was working with who couldn’t flirt? Turns out he could flirt better than most guys he’d met. 

Remember that guy I was working with who thought he was fundamentally unattractive? He now has one of the coolest lives I know.

Now, these guys fixed what they were struggling with, sure. But more importantly than that - they became genuinely happy with their dating lives.

And they did it without becoming a “player". They did it by becoming a better version of themselves.

One that wasn’t in their way.

Which is exactly what this course helps you do.

Over 30+ lessons, the course helps you learn to take care of yourself in a way that is fundamentally attractive. It teaches you how to remove the roadblocks to your sexuality. 

The course shows you the steps you need to take to meet and connect with great women. Not in a generic, “pick up” kind of way, but in a way that you tailor to yourself. And most importantly, the course shows you how to put yourself first, and in doing so, meet the right women for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy who’s been trying this stuff for years or a guy who’s never been kissed. Anyone can do it.

Here’s a taster…

When you sign up for the dating course you will learn:

  • The 7 key dating principles everyone needs to understand.

  • The one thing that makes you more attractive than looks, money, and status combined. And it doesn't cost a cent.

  • The real reason you are less charismatic than could be. And how to fix it.

  • The 13 subtle ways you hold yourself back from expressing your sexuality - And why you're convinced they're normal.

  • The one key difference between men and women’s sexuality, and what that means for you.

  • The easiest places to meet women that are already interested in you - And how to speak to them.

  • The one technique to use on dates that makes them 10x better - Simple. And it gets you having more fun!

  • How to stop making The One Big Fuck Up (that everyone makes) by simple questioning and basic actions.

  • How to change your approach to dating so that you’re putting yourself back in the drivers seat. Once and for all.

  • And tons more...

The dating course is a simple 30 lesson program that takes you from not knowing anything about dating, all the way to knowing everything you need to know. 

It isn't filled with unnecessary techniques or complicated theories. It's just a simple, step by step process, that helps you learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do in order to get out of your own way for good.

Simple actions that produce massive changes.

This course is about showing you how to do this by teaching you the essential skills you need to learn, helping you build a more rewarding life, and getting you in touch with your sexuality and your identity so that instead of hoping she likes you - you’re going on dates wondering if you like her.

Forget putting you back in charge of your dating life. This puts you back in charge of your life.

The dating course does this across:

  • 30 lessons
  • Over 7 hours of video content
  • Over 80 targeted exercises

But what I’m most proud of is this:

The course is designed to find your weak points. If you’re holding yourself back in any way, it will help you find them. 

And the solution will just be a lesson away.


But hold up a sec - that’s not all.

Alongside the main course, you also get access to:

  • 3 key bonus lessons
  • Including 45 minutes of video content
  • and over 15 bonus exercises.

Check it out below...


    Cut through the bullshit of texting and social media and keep things simple - all using one simple technique.


    Simplify the complexity of online dating into a series of simple actions and principles that will maximise your results.


    And most importantly, get you to confront the reality of whatever relationship you’re in, learn how to make it great, and the easy way to take it to the next level.

All of which builds upon the lessons of the course itself. So the more you do, the better your results will be.

100% Money Back Guarantee

No headaches. No questions asked.

My courses come with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee - so your experience is risk-free.

Within the first 60 days after your purchase - If you decide the dating course isn't for you, drop me an email and I'll issue a full refund. Simple as that.


Get access to all 30 video lectures. Over 25 essays. Over 80 exercises. Over 8 hours of video content. And much more. All under the 60 day money back guarantee.


What are other people saying about LIFE UNCIVILIZED?

'Visko helped me find the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Now I have a plan moving forward and know exactly what to do, and I'm feeling very confident about the future.' - Jacob - 22 - Austin

This is clearly a very well put together programme, professionally finished, and Visko’s flair for the anecdotal helped take the pressure off. If you’re feeling hesitant – don’t.' - Greg – 28 – London

'Working with Visko was hands down the best thing I could have done! He quickly helped me to identify what my key issues were and showed me how easy it was to change them, providing simple and achievable steps that I could start making that day.' - Lily - 30 - Cardiff



For $97 get full access to all the video lessons, essays, exercises, and bonus content today. No annoying subscription. No hassle. All under the 60 day money back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What results can I expect from the dating course?

    The more you do the exercises the better your results will be. You can expect to have more active social life. Better self-care. Better social skills. More sexual confidence. An ability to meet and connect with women in a variety of venues. A better level comfort with rejection. A deeper understanding of yourself and who you’re looking for / who is right for you. A much stronger grasp on handling your own internal obstacles to success in dating.

  • What qualifications do you have to sell this course?

    Everything in this course is based on years of hard-won experience. Grounded in scientific research into the reality of psychology and relationships, and successfully coaching men on everything from talking to women, to getting more sexual confidence, to even impotence itself. But the main reason: I’ve spent years making the mistakes so you don’t have to.

  • What is the full lesson plan?

    Scroll down for the full and complete curriculum. Including module and lesson names.

  • What payment methods?

    We accept payments through Stripe and Paypal.

  • How much does the course cost?

    The course costs $97. One payment. No subscription needed.

  • Can I get my money back for whatever reason?

    Yes. There is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Just email me at No questions asked. Your purchase is risk-free.

  • What devices does the course work on?

    The course works on computer, phone, and tablet.

  • How do I contact you?

    Send me an email at

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Lesson 1: Introduction
    • Lesson 2: The Obstacle
    • Lesson 3: The 7 Key Principles
    • Lesson 4: How To Use This Course
    • Lesson 5: What Is Your Foundation?
    • Lesson 6: What Is Your Process?
    • Review: What have you learned about yourself?
  • 2
    How To Become More Attractive (F1)
    • Lesson 1: What is Attractiveness?
    • Lesson 2: Fundamentals - Enjoy Your Life First
    • Lesson 3: Lifestyle and Social Circle
    • Lesson 4: Social Skills and Charisma
  • 3
    How To Build Sexual Confidence (F2)
    • Lesson 1: What is Arousal?
    • Lesson 2: What Are Your Beliefs About Sexuality?
    • Lesson 3: Avoiding Anxiety
    • Lesson 4: Body Language
    • Lesson 5: Arousal
    • Lesson 6: Sexual Intent
    • Lesson 7: Consent
    • Lesson 8: Persistence
  • 4
    How to Build A Great Dating Life (P1)
    • Lesson 1: What is Dating?
    • Lesson 2: Where to Meet Women
    • Lesson 3: Approaching - How to Do It and What To Say
    • Lesson 4: Dating
    • Lesson 5: Flirting and Connection
    • Lesson 6: Escalation, Foreplay, and Sex
  • 5
    How to Assert Yourself and Meet Great Women (P2)
    • Lesson 1: What is Screening?
    • Lesson 2: What is Important To You?
    • Lesson 3: What Is Not Okay?
    • Lesson 4: Rejection
    • Lesson 5: How To Master Screening
    • Lesson 6: Vulnerability
  • 6
    Bonus Content
    • Bonus Lesson: Relationships
    • Bonus Lesson: Online Dating
    • Bonus Lesson: Social Media, Texting, and Calling


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